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Ballbust videos - Tamakeri - Groin kick - Caught on tape in real life situations ! This is how women do when they fight !

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Ballbusting videos !

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Last update : 07/25/2013
Total length : 20h15
Groin injuries : 57
Deaths : 1
Successful exorcisms : 17
Movies available : 125
Movies featuring Audrey : 9

Ballbusting at work

Every man would love to have a sexy co-worker like this one ! But she does dirty tricks... She strikes where it hurts !


Ballbusting at work (Full video duration : 10 min. 0 sec.)

Her co-worker wants to call the boss because she stole his commission.This sexy blonde kicks him right in the nuts ! And to be sure that he won't tell anyting to her boss she give him a good ballbusting lesson ! She crushes his groin when he is on the floor. She tells him to stand up and she strikes his testicles with knee attacks ! He is in pain and she laughes at him ! She kicks his balls with her boots toe. Finally to be sure that he will keep his mouth closed, she grabs his nuts and squeezes them until he fells unconsicous ! Wow ! So cute and sexy you gotta see her in action !

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full video available ballbusting-at-work.mpg


Beach balloons

Audrey is back ! She was at the beach with her friend Angela when a stupid guy came and disturbed them with his balloon...

Contains female nudity


Beach balloons (Full video duration : 15 min. 21 sec.)

Maybe he was impressed by Audrey's wonderful breast... Maybe it was an attempt to seduce her... Maybe he was saying a message with his balloon : "I'd like to play with yours girl !" - She told him to stop annoying her with his fucking balloon... Suddenly Audrey went nuts, she standed up and she kneed him in the balls... He fall to the ground... And the two women gave him a good lesson... They even crushed his groin with a big rock ! His poor balls were in a very bad shape ! He fall unconscious and Audrey used her famous "gedan shuto uchi" deadly attack to finish him ! At the end these two nasty women even tried to burn his groin with a lighter ! They ballbusted him and laughed at him ! These ladies are dangerous...

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full video available beachballoons.mpg


Celebs fan

A celebrity was having a rest in a private beach. A fan came to bug her... She went nuts...

Contains female nudity


Celebs fan (Full video duration : 14 min. 19 sec.)

"I'm on holidays, I don't sign autographs today ! Get out !" - The guy should never have insisted... She suddenly stood up and she kicked him in the balls ! Then slapped his nuts with hand ! He lost the first round the head in the sand ! The man went nervous : "Bitchy actress ! Dirty wore !" And he grabbed her top in a failed attempt to attack her breast ! She went furious and smashed his privates with a series of strong knee attacks right in the testicles ! She even threatened him with a marine crossbow ! She destroyed him with deadly punches in the balls ! Wow ! Devastating ! She is crazy ! "Hands on your head ! Now !" And she crushed his balls with elbow strikes... She finished him with a jumped front kick ! Don't disturb sexy babes on the beach !

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full video available celebrityfans.mpg


The tourist trap

A tourist is looking for his way. He encounters a young woman. She tells him she'd like to play with him... But this is a ballbusting trap !


The tourist trap (Full video duration : 14 min. 10 sec.)

"We can not make love here ? What is this ? Why do we come here ?" - "Give me your money tourist ! Or I beat up your testicles !" And she slaps his groin with her hand ! The tourist tries to defend himself but she kicks in the nuts ! She pushes him n a chair and she crushes his groin with her knee and a metallic stick ! She pushes her boot toe in his balls ! She breaks the chair and she kicks him multiple times right in the balls ! This woman is crazy ! She knows how to defeat a male ! She aims to the testicles ! Ouch ! Her boots are lethal weapons ! An excellent video ! Audrey is so sexy and her kicks are so vicious !

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full video available tourist-trap.mpg

ballbusting punch balls

The shoes thief

A celebrity is having a sunbath on a beach. A guy steals her shoes...


The shoes thief (Full video duration : 11 min. 4 sec.)

Fortunately the beach policewoman is not far away... She was already trying to catch this guy. She thinks about a trap : she uses another pair of shoes to catch him. And it works ! The guy comes again and take the shoes... They both run on him. One of the girls talk to him while the other comes from behind kicks him in the balls ! Then they punch him, they knee him they slap him ! The poor guy asks for mercy and try to escape ! They gives him a good ballbusting lesson ! At the end the policewoman demonstrates how to knee and how to kick in the testicles ! These women are dangerous ! Now the beach is safe !

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full video available shoesthief.mpg

voyeur nuts

Voyeur nuts

A voyeur stealthily approches an unsuspecting topless chick at the beach. Her breast is so sexy... He can't resist !

Contains female nudity


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Voyeur nuts (Full video duration : 9 min. 24 sec.)

Suddenly, she stands up, walks to the man, and kicks his balls like a crazy trying to take his cam. She grabs him by the balls and says : "I gonna ballbust you ! Gimme the tape !" - Beware ! This girl is a testicle blaster ! She never has enough, she kicks balls for her own pleasure. She loves kicking testicles, you can see the smile on her face. She had fun squeezing is privates violently.

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weak balls

Weak balls

He just wanted to have some romance with her... And she violently kicked him in the groin...

available in FULL HD


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Weak balls (Full video duration : 11 min. 10 sec.)

How can a weak and lovely woman defeat a muscular man like him ? She viciously striked his testicles multiples times until he fall down to the ground half conscious... Then, without any mercy, she kicked him again and again with no mercy, right between the legs with her deadly boots... This vicious bitch would kick your balls to death if you bug on her !

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Audrey ballbusting

Audrey's Ballbusting

The new ballbusting video with Audrey ! She was doing her fitness, a stranger came and put his hand on her back...

available in FULL HD


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Audrey's Ballbusting (Full video duration : 12 min. 20 sec.)

Audrey is so sexy with her boobs moving under her t-shirt... This guy came to bug her... She violently kick him in the balls. She knees him in the groin. She them crushes his testicles whil he's on the ground ! And she gives him a terrific karate hand attack right in the balls ! She smiles... She loves ballbusting !

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woman beating man

Woman beating man

The wonderful Audrey is back with a new video ! A great ballbusting lesson !

available in FULL HD


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Woman beating man (Full video duration : 10 min. 51 sec.)

She starts by kicking the man in the balls. Then she gives him some good knees in the nuts. Then she punches, slaps and squeeze his balls ! Then she stomps on his balls ! All Audrey's fans will love this video.

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