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Ballbust videos - Tamakeri - Groin kick - Caught on tape in real life situations ! This is how women do when they fight !

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Ballbusting videos !

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Last update : 07/25/2013
Total length : 20h15
Groin injuries : 57
Deaths : 1
Successful exorcisms : 17
Movies available : 125
Movies featuring Melody : 5

My wife likes footballs

Two men are watching a soccer match on TV. But their wifes go nuts and ballbust them...


My wife likes footballs

A guy is watching a soccer match on TV with a friend, they're drinking and enjoying the match. But when Melody comes back at home she starts shouting at him and his mate ! She kicks them and grabs her boyfriend by the balls ! She can't stand his friends always drinking at home ! She calls the other guy's wife and she comes LIKE A FURY ! She grabs and squeezes her husband's balls ! These women prefer ballbusting to football ! Two sexy women aiming to the balls ! Melody jumped on the two men testicles at the same time, incredible ! They need to divorce !
The first ballbusting movie in the world to contain a "jumped double groin knee" !

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The ballbusting manager

A sexy boss humiliates and stresses her employees... She has them by the balls...


The ballbusting manager (Full video duration : 12 min. 10 sec.)

She enters the office and starts shouting at them. "You have to be more productive if you want to keep your job !". Then she tells one of her employees that she does not want him to drink her orange juice. And she kicks him under the table in the groin area "Ouch !" and she crushes his balls ! Wow a nasty strike ! Then she invites her employees one by one in her office. She ballbust the first one with her hands, squeezes his nuts, knees him in the testicles ! He manages to withdraw to save his balls ! Then the second want enter and she destroys him with vicious strikes ! "I love kicking men in the balls !" - Everyone would enjoy having a boss like her !

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full video available ballbusting-manager.mpg


Swimming pool ballbusting

4 cute chicks are taking a sun bath at the swimming pool. A playboy starts to bug them...


Swimming pool ballbusting (Full video duration : 25 min. 30 sec.)

He first tries to seduce Melody, but she kicks him in the balls ! Then he tries with Celia but Chealsy comes from behind and gives him a good kick between his legs ! And Melody grabs his groin with her hands ! These 4 girls give him a very nasty lesson ! They kick him, they jump on his balls ! The poor guy supplies them to stop ! But these girls really like kicking men right where it hurts ! They also menaced two guys at the swimming pool ! This one is a must ! Hilarious, sexy, and so deliciously violent !

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The psychologist

A woman sexually assaults her psychologist...


The psychologist (Full video duration : 18 min. 20 sec.)

"You can tell me everything you know..." - "Yes doctor, but... You know... when I'm alone with a man... I have weird ideas..." - "Come on, this is my job, don't be shy !" - "I think about his genitals... And I can not control myself..." - "Having a relation with your psychologist can be a good therapy you know..." - "Doctor ! Doctor !" - And she grabs his balls violently ! She then kicks and knees his groin ! She even uses a chair on his balls ! The poor doctor his completely defeated by this young and sexually aggressive woman ! What a bitch ! His poor balls will never be the same !

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Melody street ballbusting

Melody kicks a random guys in the balls in the street...

available in FULL HD


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Melody street ballbusting (Full video duration : 8 min. 30 sec.)

Then she interviews a girl and teaches her how to kick men in the balls... Then the girl practices kicking men in the groin...

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