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Ballbust videos - Tamakeri - Groin kick - Caught on tape in real life situations ! This is how women do when they fight !

20h15 of
Ballbusting videos !

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Last update : 07/25/2013
Total length : 20h15
Groin injuries : 57
Deaths : 1
Successful exorcisms : 17
Movies available : 125
Movies featuring Monica : 10

My wife likes footballs

Two men are watching a soccer match on TV. But their wifes go nuts and ballbust them...


My wife likes footballs

A guy is watching a soccer match on TV with a friend, they're drinking and enjoying the match. But when Melody comes back at home she starts shouting at him and his mate ! She kicks them and grabs her boyfriend by the balls ! She can't stand his friends always drinking at home ! She calls the other guy's wife and she comes LIKE A FURY ! She grabs and squeezes her husband's balls ! These women prefer ballbusting to football ! Two sexy women aiming to the balls ! Melody jumped on the two men testicles at the same time, incredible ! They need to divorce !
The first ballbusting movie in the world to contain a "jumped double groin knee" !

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full video available footballs.mpg


Ballbusted voyeur

Two young women takes a sun bath in their garden while a man is watching them in the street...

Contains female nudity


Ballbusted voyeur (Full video duration : 7 min. 30 sec.)

The guy does not believe it ! His two cute neighboors are topless in the garden ! He must see that ! Damn he forgot his camera ! Suddenly one girl notices him ! She comes to the gate and grabs him... She kicks him in the balls ! They both threaten him "I'll cut your balls off !" - "You pervert !" - They slap his face and grab his nuts ! The poor man asks for mercy ! Then, the mother of one of the girl comes in the garden like a fury ! She shouts at him and kick him in the groin !! Beware, women punish voyeurism by nut busting !

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Sea bust and sun

What happens to beach voyeurs when they come too close to ballbusting chicks ?

Contains female nudity


Sea bust and sun (Full video duration : 6 min. 44 sec.)

"I gonna grab your balls and squeeze em !" This is Mistress Monica ! You shouldn't play with this girl... She only likes one thing : ballbusting ! She is so sexy with her young and beautiful breast. And so nasty ! Any volunteers ? She is located in south of france and she is in need of balls to kick ! Send an email to

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full video available seabustandfun.mpg


Kungfu master

Another member injured during a feminist self-defense exhibition fight with Mistress Monica !


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Kungfu master (Full video duration : 18 min. 19 sec.)

He told her "Women are weak ! My kungfu is stronger than your ballbusting !" - With a smile on her face she started to show him her best "women only" ballbusting techniques. She grabbed his testicles like a crazy ! She crushed his groin, she gave him a merciless series of kicks right in the testicles... She even threatened to ballbust a cat ! At the end the Kungfu master trembles and his balls are exhausted... He ran away trying to escape the fight but Monica ran after him ! Never fight with a woman, they always aim the balls !

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Ballbusting parking

Ballbusting parking

3 sexy bad girls attack an innocent old man in a parking. Extremely violent. That's what we call merciless ballbusting !


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Ballbusting parking (Full video duration : 19 min. 14 sec.)

This one is awesome ! These chicks are amazing ! Wow ! They totally destroyed this guy's balls ! They kick and punch his testicles really really hard ! He licks her shoes while the women grabs and squeezes his gonads. When you'll hear the sound he makes you'll understand. Holy shit, these girls are testicle killers ! This video is one of the best ever made ! Sexy, scandalous and sadistic, this is how we like it !

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grabbed by the balls

Beach pervert

This pervert should have never touched her breast...


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Beach pervert (Full video duration : 5 min. 48 sec.)

When he puts his dirty hands on her lovely tits, she violently grabs his testicles and squeeze them hard. "Awch ! My balls" - This sadistic bitch hurted his balls for real ! Vicious fingers !

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Ballbusted in the wood 2 part. 1

A woman is assaulted by a pervert in the wood. She ballbusts him !

available in FULL HD


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Ballbusted in the wood 2 part. 1 (Full video duration : 4 min. 15 sec.)

She walks, she's so sexy with her transparent top, everyone can see her nipples and enjoy her wonderful breast. Someone is watching her... Behind a tree... Suddenly a man runs after her, she screams ! The man grabs her and squeeze hard one of her boobs... That hurts - she starts crying... She gives him a good knee him the balls ! She pulls down his trousers "You want sex ?" and she kicks hard his testicles... The man fights back... Great video !

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Ballbusted in the wood 2 Part. 2

Monica continues ballbusting this pervert very viciously ! She loves that... Just look at her smile !

available in FULL HD


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Ballbusted in the wood 2 Part. 2 (Full video duration : 8 min. 4 sec.)

She threatens him with a knife "I gonna cut off your dick !" - She wants to ballbust him ! She pulls down his pants and she kicks his testicles hard. She grabs his balls and squeeze his family jewels hard ! She kicks his balls from behind. She slaps him in the face. The guy tries to escape... He's almost crying... This bitch really loves that, she's so vicious ! A must see !

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Ballbusting therapy

Doctor Monica have a very special ballbusting therapy for pervert bad boys...

Contains female nudity

available in FULL HD


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Ballbusting therapy (Full video duration : 8 min. 40 sec.)

"Hi Doctor ! I need your help ! I can't help annoying women..." - "How many women did you assaulted ?" - "Hmmm... Ten..." - "I have a therapy that will work for sure... But it's going to hurt a little... Have a seat..." - And she kicks his balls without mercy !

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Ballbusting Fight Boobs VS Balls mixed match

Ballbusting fight 2 - Balls VS Boobs

Today we have a very exciting ballbusting mixed fight between Monica and Gerard : Boobs VS Balls !


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Ballbusting fight 2 - Balls VS Boobs (Full video duration : 11 min. 18 sec.)

The Boobs VS Balls mixed fight rules : Each time the female fighter hits the guy in the groin area, violently enough, she gets 1 point. Each time the male fighter pull off his opponent's bra or hit her in the breast, he gets one point. Monica is very excited today, she screams and roars like a tigress while fighting. The poor Gerard gets a lot of terrible strikes in the testicles, knees in the balls, fast and vicious kicks to the balls with the toe, Monica is so wild, nothing can't stop her even the referee ! A must see ballbusting fight ! This kind of mixed fight only happens in the dreams ! She kicks for real with this sexy anger on her face, smiling about hurting weak testicles without mercy ! Awesome video !

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