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Ballbust videos - Tamakeri - Groin kick - Caught on tape in real life situations ! This is how women do when they fight !

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Submited ballbusting stories / scenario

Last update : 07/25/2013
Total length : 20h15
Groin injuries : 57
Deaths : 1
Successful exorcisms : 17
Movies available : 125

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A woman wants to test her boyfriend

The Test: A woman wants to test her boyfriend to see if he will cheat on her if he gets a chance.  She asks her attractive female best friend to meet the boyfriend at a bar for lunch and flirt with him.  If the boyfriend flirts back, the woman will know he is a cheater. The woman's best friend secretly likes the boyfriend, and she agrees to help.  She meets the boyfriend at a bar and flirts with him, then tries to give him her phone number.  The boyfriend is flattered, but wants to stay faithful, so he turns her down.  The best friend is very angry that he turned her down, so she goes back to the woman and tells lies, saying that the boyfriend tried to flirt back and get her phone number.  The woman is now furious at her boyfriend.  She asks her best friend to help her take revenge on him. When he returns to the woman's apartment, the lights are turned down low and soft music is playing.  The woman and her best friend both walk up to him and put their arms around his shoulders and smile sweetly.  He isn't quite sure what is going on.  He is about to feel the wrath of two women scorned! Last year in the summer I was hanging out in my yard. Between my house and my neighbor's there was a community pool house. It was red cedar fencing. I planned to go swimming that day so I was wearing my short orange swimming trunks. I knew that Veronica went to the pool every day at 2'oclok to tan. She had long tan legs with beautiful knees and would usually wore a little black thong bikini bottom. Most days she would be topless showing off her beautiful 36 D breast. And today she was wearing those clear plastic stripper high heel shoes. I stared through the gate but I saw nothing, then all of the sudden I felt a hard kick smash my nuts from behind. Before I knew what happened beautiful Veronica had me by the shoulders  "Did that hurt baby?" then she slammed her knee into my balls 1.... 2.......... 3..........times.

College students

Setting:   Have one or two pretty girls acting as college students who discover that me,their professor, always looks up their short mini-skirts in class and peers down their blouses too when lecturing.              The girls come dressed in short mini-skirts and tight tops and threated the professor then proceed to make  him admit what he has been doing...then they humiliate and kick him, while laughing at him....warning that 'I bet you won't look up your students' skirts again will you professor?  and ...telling him "IF you ever do again we will line you up in front of like ten girls (who also know about you) and you will be our little 'Penisata', (like a Mexican pinata that you strike to break for candy. Girls should be in short tight  mini-skirts, thigh highs and low-cut tops, nasty..

Kinky french maids uniform

I would like to attend as a male in short kinky french maids uniform, serve the academy and get a good hard ballbusting many times from each girl please to the enjoyment and laughter of the ladies present. Until balls swolen


...Finally he was caught, tied down and in the dark Now he was quivering at the punishment he faced for daring to try to escape, even tho' told to do so.. he knew that he deserved no mercy and would be likely to have his limits tested and extended A rope was tied round his scrotum and he feared the worst .but instead he was gently led in circles till he was dizzy and totally disorientated, only sometimes having the rope pulled as he was urged to `keep up loser', and a slap over the head Instead he was not to know what would happen next, as he was quickly blindfolded, tied to a post and drenched with a couple of buckets of ice cold water, and left there for what must have been several hours...although blindfolded he thought that it must have been the late afternoon or early evening, hours later and further soaked from a thunderstorm, before his suffering not not mere shivers. he felt the cold night wind and craved the punishment to come, if only as a means to get beyond that and be able to rest his wearing limbs on the earth. he suddenly found himself being grabbed and scratched from all sides by what seems to be twenty or more hands with sharp nails but no other sound, except his gasps and, as it got worse, begging for it to stop As he recovered consciousness, he suddenly felt a leather gloved hand twisting and squeezing his scrotum, and felt extreme pain from an electrified buttplug that he had not, in his recovering state, quite yet become aware was inside him - he was fairly sure it had not been there in the morning. As he screamed, he heard a familiar voice in his ear, saying very unfamiliar words, "this is just the start, you miserable little f*ck". the thoughts flashed through him even as the grip tightened... . he would never have imagined his Ex's presence, not ever having told her of his inclinations for submission. now he really was, really very scared indeed. this was no longer some role play, it was going to be a real, and he reflected utterly deserved, punishment. his Mistress smilled at the Ex and nodded, saying quietly but firmly.. "Get Your Revenge, then.". His Ex whispered in his ear "you dont believe it yet, you little pathetic wanker loser, but by the time I'm finished with you, you'll be begging for me to castrate you rather than suffer any more pain to your balls. but i wont because you deserve to suffer pain in your balls till the day you die. but I guess i might just cut your puny dick off, would you like that, faggot?" then She put the electric probe down his urether, made him stick out his tongue and clamped it, kicked his balls till they swelled up, and put his balls in a humbler

Hand-cuffed and ballbusted

The guy is hand-cuffed to something (where ever is best for filming) POV (point of view) from the ballbustee (like the secretary punch in the end) The women is topless, nothing but upper-cut punches to his balls.

Underwear sniffing

2 girls enter there flat they find a man sniffing their underwear. the girls take great offence at this inturuder, so they tigh him up and kick him in the balls, eventually he cries as the women fetch some hedge clippers and clip of his testicles. ouch !!

Ballbusting en pantoufles

un individu s'approche dans la cour d'une maison, pour fouiller un meuble, la femme dans ses pantoufles aperçoit le personnage et décide de lui mettre 2 bon coup de pied dans les couilles ensuite elle va bien s'occuper de lui

Vicious stepsister

I was about 14 when this story took place,I was playing with my stepsister and stepbrother.My brother left to go play with his friends so me and my stepsister sat in her room watching telivision we had only known each other for about several months now and she was one year older than me at 15 she was about two inches shorter  than me and very tri, and had a nice ass I had seen her wearing a thong one time when she got out of the shower when she saw me looking she just smirked and walked in her room her boobs weren't that big almost a c cup but they were extremely perky and bouncy.I told her I would be rite back and went to leave the room when I did she tripped me. I didn't fall down but she still found it hilarious she began to laugh, I said "O so funny" when she turned around I grinned and slapped her RITE on her ass she grabbed my wrist and yelled out in slight pain.she was laughing all the while,when she was holding my wrist I saw her glance down at my crotch when she did I broke away and took off running with her in hot pursuit she started saying "why you runnin liddle brudder" I turned as she was chacing me just to see her tits bounce...when I got downstairs I got cornered in the living room we were both out of breathe and laughing..I was about to break right and start running again but just then...My sister lifted her purple shirt and flashed me her perfect boobs..I was in aww she started to walk closer each time her boobs jiggling with each step...she then said,"wanna fell em" I nodded and stuck my hands out to grab her tits..and at that moment she grinned then thrusted her knee as hard as she could upwards ramming it into my balls my knees buckeled she kept her knee there not moving it was almost holding me up my face was now eye level with her boobs she never put her shirt backdown...when she removed her knee i fell onto my back she then planted her bare foot onto my sack and started grinding and twisting I screamed in pain and called her a bitch...she said that wasn't nice and gave me one last little kick as i was on my back, she then said "Now you won't be slapping my ass anymore will you little brudder" I shook my head she jumped up giggling saying "wow that was fun we should do it agian"...all the while i was still focusing on her tits and the immense pain in my balls, she put her shirt back down and said "see you later...and those to guys to" refering to my balls...

Balls games

Hello.  You have a great site and your videos are really horny.  Thank you. What do you think of the following scenario for a film?   Dieux du Stade - following on from the success of the French Rugby players calendar which features the best looking and built rugby players, you plan to shoot photographs of the local rugby team.  You, however, have a secret plan.  Two good mates on the rugby team are arrogant and chauvinistic, and they always make unwanted advances towards the local young women.  They think that because they are good looking, have good bodies, are on the rugby team that they can have any women they want.  One guy is very big and handsome, and he is proud of his big package.  Another guy is smaller but very fit and toned, and he is know to have very big balls.  You are going to get revenge. When they come in for their photo shoot, you are waiting with lots of assistants - e.g. makeup people, lighting, etc (all women).  You start out with some warm-up photos of them in their rugby kit.  You pretend that you find them sexy. They see that you are looking at them and start making arrogant comments about their manliness and sexual attractiveness, and that you will submit to them.   You pretend to be flustered and then ignore these advances and try to move the photoshoot on to the next stage - rugby players in tight underwear.  You ask them to strip, and they do.  They try to come on to you, at which point you decide to put your secret plan into action and teach these three men a lesson by owning their balls.   You reach your hand between the biggest man's legs and go to grab his briefs bulge, but then you find it feels strange.  He suddenly becomes very shy and tries to keep your hands away.  Two assistants come to help you and grab his arms away.  You look at his bulge and you see that it is shaped funny.  You quickly reach into his underwear and find that he has stuffed a rubgy sock into his pouch to create the impression of a big dick and balls.  When you pull the sock out, he tries to get away, but soon your assistants restrain him.  One of your assistants moves into stand behind him and pushes her knee into his lower back so his crotch sticks out.  It is a really unimpressive briefs bulge - his cock is scared and pointing out and his little balls tremble - he has baby balls and a baby dick.  You then take revenge, making fun of him as you rack his balls - kneeing him, kicking him, punching him, and strangling his balls.  You then take a string and say that because his package isn't big enough, you need to tie it off so that you can see it.  You tie his balls and dick through his underwear so that it makes a little fabric-encased pouch.  You all then take turns to flick the little bulge with your fingers, slap it, rub your knee all over it roughly.  He starts to get hard, but his erection is still tiny.  You then scare him by saying that his little erection cannot satisfy you, and that instead this little bulge should be cut off.  You take a knife to the tied up bulge and he is pleading.  Just as you are about to slice off his package, you then throw the knife away saying that his tiny package is not worth the effort.  You then knee him really hard until he cannot stand. Meanwhile, two or three of your other assistants have closed in on the other smaller toned man.  Because of his reputation as a womaniser, he is more careful around women.  When you asked the two men to strip their rubgy kits, he takes his clothes off to reveal that he is wearing a jockstrap.  His bulge looks big, but when your assistants go to grab him, they find that he is wearing a protective cup.  Before he can do anything, however, one of the assistants grabs the sides of the cup and pulls the cup away from his body as far as she can with all her strength.  She then lets go and the straps of his jock snap back and the cup slams into his package.  He is in pain.  Your assistants decide to punish his bulge using his cup.  They pound on the cup, and although it does protect him, he is definitely uncomfortable - he is more scared because of what you say to him rather than the actual pain because the cup protects him for now.  One of your assistants then reaches inside his cup and grabs one testicle.  She places it right underneath the edge of the cup, and then she starts hitting the cup.  He is in pain.  The other assistant then removes the cup as he writhes on the ground in pain holding his bruised testicle.  She then puts the cup on the ground, takes a chisel and hammer and pounds in a line down the centre so that the cup will break easily if hammered more.  She then reinserts the cup into his jockstrap roughly so that he is in further pain.  one woman on each side grabs the man by his arm and leg so that he is spreadeagle.  The women then take turns trying to see who can finally break the cup by kicking and punching his cup bulge - the cup finally smashes into two pieces with a loud crack, and you are finished with him. Then you take pictures of the two men holding their punished packages in their underwear, you title one of them - pindick - and the other one - scrumballs. What do you think?  I think it is really sexy seeing a woman strip a man of his clothes - not completely - but to his underwear.  You can then see the bulge target/s more clearly. Thank you for your website.  I really enjoy it.

Audrey squeezing nuts

i wanted to see audrey start off with grabbing a guys nuts and squeezeing for like 20 seconds.

Italian ballbusting girl

i like if the italian girl Gina, in very sexy dress with boots and miniskirt, look  at the camera, and show with boy and without boy , how she can kick, knee ,slap and squeeze boy's balls and lought at him...  If it is possible, at the and, show how she can ''castrate'' boy too..:p and the boy, must feel ''pain'' , i mean, i don't like the super boy that after 10 kick in the balls thay're still stand up..  it's not too real... Most of boys after two or just one kick in hes balls, crowl down on the floor..  

New boyfriend ballbusted

The new boyfriend of Myriam went to her by surprise. He rang at the door. Myriam opend it and he went straight forward for her. He craps her by her shoulders startet kissing violent. He fall with her on the floor and lies on her. She screams "Stop you pervert!". But he didn' t let go. He graped her titts and after that he took her arms with his arms and press them to the floor. He said "You sexy bitch I' m going to fuck you!" Suddenly Myriam raised her knee and smashed his balls. "OOOOOHHHH" he moaned withh wide opend eyes. Myriam roll him down. He seems to be paralyzed cause of the pain. Then she sat down at his stomach and look very evil into his eyes. Now she was on the buton. "You fucking pervert!" She screams and slap his face. She grapped his balls behind her back, whil sitting on him. "No, Please!" he said anxietly. With full violence she startet to squeeze his balls. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH Please stop it!!!", he screams desperatly. "Oh! Does your balls hurt?" she asked naughty. "I like to get wild men by their balls, that make them suddenly so weak", she said whil realsing the grip a little, but just to have more power for a new full force grap. He startet to cry and tears came out of his eyes. "I cannot take it anymore! Please let go! I'm so sorry!" he pleaded. "You cannot take it anymore? My darling I didn' t startet. Don' t hope that your balls still alive, when I'm finished with you". "What???", he screamed shocked. "Get ready to get your balls of! I like to much the feeling of popping balls in my hand, to let you go, you fucking pervert!", she talked relaxed, while he is in the most agony he ever was. "I do everything you want from me! But please stop squeezing", he said. "OK theirs is something you can maybay do for me...", she said. "Let me know, I do everything!", he said. "Tell how many girls you raped before me", she said with a terrible look in her face. "No I didn' t raped a girl before you", he said insecure. "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!", he screamed, because she firmed her crip and liftet him from the floor by his balls with her hand, while she sat on his stomach. She hold this position and said "I don' t believe you" "I'm not lying I'm not lying" he yelled. "That' s the wrong answer...I'm not sure how many your balls can take...", she said and whipped her hand up and down still crap as strong as she could. "No don' t destroy them. I' m telling you everything!!!!!!, he screamed with the last sence of hope. She let him on the floor. He breath deep and fast. "I' m honest. I raped two girls before you in my life. I' m so sorry about that" he told. "You a chronic pervert rapist?", she said with cruell,  "You know what men like you deserve?". "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH Please AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH" he screamde, but their wasn' t hardly power in his voice. "Now I'm going to pop your balls. The women out there will be safer, when you lose your balls", she said smiling in a evil sexy way. "Don' t castret me!!! Please! Please!", he beg before he startet to scream "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH". Myriam started to squeeze the life out of his balls. After a few minutes of death agony, the door rang. Myriam stoped squeezing his balls and said "Don' t move I' m not finished yet with you". He hold his balls rolling on the floor and moaned. He had no power to get up, he knew, that this will be the last chance to get out of here and safe that, what has been left from his balls. With that thougt he get enough power to crawl away. But suddenly he heard the voice from Myriam from behind "Where are you going? My litle pervert friend?" Before  he could turn back to her, she kicked him with full speed and full power from behind in the groin. An electrizite pain overcome his hole body, he is lying on the floor with vertigo and the lost hope for his manhood. "I think your balls aren' t crushed. So I' m not finished with you!" she said beeing cool. "I believe that today isn' t your lucky day! Look who joined us! Can you remeber this two girls?" she asked. Throw his vertigo he recognized Chealsy and Melody, the two girls he raped before he try to rape Myriam. With that he started to cry, because he knew, that this will not be a nice day. "No, No please! I do everything you want! I give you everything! I have a rich uncle! Please! Please! No!" he beged for his balls and his life. "What I want is to crush your nuts", whisperd Melody sexy. Chealsy went forward to him and kick him right in the balls "I also wanna break your balls!", she said and talk to Melody "I' ll crush the left nut and you pop his right! OK! OH! Sorry Myriam what will be left for you?" Myriam said "I'll going for his cock. I will break it and maybay I' ll finaly cut his cock off". Myriam closed up the door and closed the curtain. "So lets start our little date. Ready litly fucking pervert? Don' t hang on on your balls and your cock! You gonna lose them this night! And this will be a ver long night for you", Myriam said to her exboyfriend. Chealsy went behind him and hold him up by his shoulders and put him on his knees. Melody  and Myriam begann to kick his balls powerfull. And so startet the longest ballbreaking seesion in history ever.


I would like to request some scenarios because I think this is the best ballbusting site with the most beautiful girls. I would like to see a little cuntbusting in some of the videos. Even if the girls don't have the same reaction as men, it would be nice to see them laughing at the men when they try it. It should be in revenge for the girl hitting the man's balls. It should be real though, and not fake. The girls may be scared to try it, but the men can take it so why not the girls? Here is my scenario: There is a playfight between a man and a woman in a gym. the woman has some friends with her and they make a bet that the woman can beat the man in a fight. He doesn't want to fight a woman because it will be too easy for him. But the women persuade him by saying that if he wins the women will all show their breasts. He accepts and they play-fight. The woman starts off losing to the man, but then her friends start shouting "go for his balls!" The woman kicks him hard in the balls and he falls down. The women all start cheering and they shout "women always win because we have no balls!" The man is embarrassed, but wants to keep fighting for his pride. He wrestles with her and tries to throw her down but she knees him in the balls and he falls again. He says: "that's unfair" and she says "why, because you have balls and I don't? That is unfair I suppose!" All the women laugh at this. The man is angry and ashamed, so he gets up and tries a surprise move.... He kicks her between the legs!!! This part depends on how the actress would react to the kick. If she reacts like a man and falls, then all the women get angry at the man and they all come over to beat his balls. If the woman does not react at all to the kick and feels nothing, then she can stand with her legs apart and laugh at him, saying "What are you doing? That only works on men", and then she kicks him and he falls. The video should end with the man and woman wrestling on the ground, the woman losing again until she grabs his balls and squeezes hard until he cries "you win" and all the women cheer and taunt the man for having the male weakness. I hope you can use my scenario, because I think it would be very popular with both cuntbusting and ballbusting fans, so you would be appealing to a larger market. I would prefer the video to be mainly in English so that I can understand what the women say. But that depends on what you think. It would be nice if we could see the women's breasts as well. Maybe they are in the shower after the fight, talking about how weak men are because they have balls. That always makes a video more fun! I think Melody, Coralie and Lisa would be perfect for the video (especially if we could see them naked!)

Elastrator or burdizzo

How about some of your ladies using an elastrator or burdizzo on a guy's balls?

Tied to a tree and ballbusted

 I love to be kicked in the balls and have them punched and stomped on for as long as a lady love's to kick me.  I have had 5 women tie me to tree's and take turn's kicking me in the ball's for hour's.  I have had women hit me int the groin with a rubber hammer with spiked heals.  I will let anylady do this to me as much as they like anytime they like even group of women.  so if your in tampa,florida look me up and take your stress and anger out on me.

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