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Ballbust videos - Tamakeri - Groin kick - Caught on tape in real life situations ! This is how women do when they fight !

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Submited ballbusting stories / scenario

Last update : 07/25/2013
Total length : 20h15
Groin injuries : 57
Deaths : 1
Successful exorcisms : 17
Movies available : 125

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Hot ballbusting girls

2 hott girls come up 2 me demanding i do whatever sexual stuff i want. that all i had 2 do was go up 2 there apartment and i could take advantage of both of them. i go up and walk in. they have a nice big apartment and they lock the door as we go in. there are several locks on the door. they start kissin on me and we head 4 the bedroom takin cloths off as we go.  im down 2 my boxers as we reach the bed and they r down 2 panties. the 1 gets behind me and holds my arms back. the other caresses my body from chest on the way down and in2 my boxers caressing me. she pulls her hand out and throws her knee in2 my groin. before i realize what had happened she does it again and again. i drop 2 my knees by the bed. her friend pushes me up against the bed and throws her legs over my shoulders pinning me there. while her friend kicks and stomps my balls. she says how does that feel taking advantage of 2 hott girls like us? now u will know that its not a smart idea. she grabs duck tape from the night stand and tapes my hands together so that they can double team me. they take turns and go @ the same time until i pass out and when i wake up im stipped naked in bed with the 2 hott girls on either side naked kissing and caressing my dick. while they take turns going down on me. it was the greatest night of my life!

Innocent old man kicked in the groin

On one evening, an innocent old man is walking down the street. Two leather booted girls of the local streetgang block the way. The old man gets frightened and returns. The two girls chase him. A little bit further two other female members of the streetgang come in his direction. The man runs away into a dead end street. At the end of the street he can't go anywhere and the 4 girls now have him where they want to have him.   They kick and punch him in his balls. These chicks are amazing  They totally destroy this guy's balls. They kick and punch his testicles really really hard. When he recovered a little bit of this first attach he tries to escape but the girls catch him before he is out the dead end street. They carrie him back to the end of the street and continue with the testicle attack as these girls all 4 are testicle killers. Afterwards they undress him and continue with the killing. A little note : this story must look very real. Therefore the man always tries to escape or tries to run away. So not like in most of the other movies where the man is standing there very gallant, awaiting until he is attacked by the woman.  He gets ball kicked, he stands up and awaits till he gets ballkicked again. That's not realistic to my opnion. The man has to resist or make an effort to resist. That's more exciting, more realistic. And 4 girls against one innocent old man is no problem for the women i think.

Soccer match

soccer match... and finally castration fantasy...

Hot french teacher

i have a hot french teacher who i have one on one lessons with. I am late for a French lesson which makes her very angry. When she finds out I had not done the work, she drags me along the floor by the ear to the corner of the classroom, where she continuously ballbusts me until they are the size of footballs. She makes sure she gives me a lesson i'll never forget. She just won't stop! She grabs them with her sharp nails and digs in. This made sure i'll never be late or not do my work again. My balls were blue for months!

Chased in the woods

I imagine being in the woods chasing down excaped prisoners (can be any number from one up).  After catching them, and holding them at gunpoint they disarm me by a distraction such as disrobing, then kicking my balls to bring me down.  Once disarmed they continue their assault on my balls, it turns out I had also been the guard on their unit and had abused them while they were in the jail.

Wife and husband

There are a wife and an husband that walk hand to hand in street or in a shop. At a suddendly the husband move his face to see a beautiful girl that pass near him. The wife is furious and grabs his groin with rage in front of other people. After, also the beautiful girl is furios because he saw her like a pervert, so she grabs, kicks and slap face of the pervert husband toghether at the wife.

Assault in a gim

In a gim there are some girls and boys. One boy touch the ass of a girl. So all girls assault this boy and grabbing his balls for a while and slap his face. After, another boy try to difend his poor friend but also him have the same treatment. Boys must wear short trousers or track suit.

Penis Fly Trap

A sign down by the beach is titled "Free Sex" next to it is a nude girl on a towel or chair. A guy comes to have some fun but what he doesnt expect is one of the worst times of his life. It's a ballbusting trap. Before or after the guy enters his dick in her she grabs him by the balls and squeezes hard. After a few kicks and punches to the groin and he has fallen down she grabs his legs lifts them up and stomps his groin hard! While he is pleading for mercy she tramples and stomps on him giving him the worst memory of his life.

Ballbusting girlfriend

I was over at my girlfriends when her mom called her from her room she told me to stay there and she would be right back. she went to see what her mother wanted i herd lots of yelling than a door slam a moment later my gf can back in i asked her what had happened but pushed me out of the way witch made me trip over her shoes on the floor behind me she looked at me on the floor and said i hate my mom and your going to help me get over it and with that she came over and stomped pn my nuts it hurt like hell and was made worse by the fact that she keep pounding with her heel without picking up her foot giving my balls no rest. after what felt like forever she stoped and told me to get up after i did she walked around behind me and the next thing i felt was her foot slamming into my balls i dropped to my knees ans as i did she lifted off my shirt than she came around and undid my pants garbed my balls and told me to stand up as i did she slid of my pants and than kneed my nude ball several times until i fell than she pulled of my socks and used the to tie my hands she than continued to stomp and kick my balls for over an hour when she got done she told me to sit up so i did than she put on a pair of shoes that as i found out the hard way had mettle cleats. she sat in front of me pulled my knees apart and stomped as hard as she could on my nuts. when i woke up i was fully dressed in a bush outside my house.

Ballbusting stepmother

Young man goes to talk to his hot stepmother. He believes she married his rich father only for his money and he confronts her about it. She sneers, caresses her pantyhosed legs, and admits she doesn't love his father, she's taking him for a ride, and she's just after his money. Just then the man pulls out a tape-recorder and he says he got all her words on tape, and now he's gonna have his father listen to the tape and learn the truth. The stepmother is desperate, she knows she's finished. She grabs him, tries to make him give her the tape but he pushes her away. It's no use, he's too strong for her. But she's got a secret weapon. She pretends she wants to kiss him, and she suckers him into a knee in the groin. To her surprise he doesn't turn away. He just stands there staring at her legs as if in a trance. She laughs and starts driving her thigh to his balls and belly. A sick expression of satisfaction across her face. She knows she's got the edge now. She takes the tape-recorder and crashes the tape with her heel. Then she proceeds to do the same with his balls. She finishes him off by driving her thigh to his face quite a few times. He's in love with her. She laughs triumphantly and tells him that if he's a good boy and behaves when he's around her, she'll do him the favor of giving him that treatment every week. As the young man writhes under her heel, she calls his father and arranges to go shopping together. She smiles in relief, feeling proud of herself. So many suckers, so little time...

Ballbusting girfriend

I recently sat on the floor and let a girlfriend of mine kick me in the balls 3 times in a row as hard as she could. It was very painful, and I forgot what it was like to get hit in the balls. The 2nd and 3rd time didn't hurt any more than the first. It turned both of us on. I am going to let her smack me in the balls when I don't expect it, even in public. She enjoys it.

Dreaming of Melody

Okay, so it's not the most original idea (partially inspired by Blue Velvet) but this would be my idea for a movie with Chief Ballbusting Officer Melody: Chief Ballbusting Officer Melody comes home from working in her office after a long day, but what she does not know is that I'm hiding in her bedroom closet. She walks into her bedroom and starts to undress. First she removes her blouse and I can see her lacy black bra. She lets her skirt down and I see she has matching panties and very sexy thigh high stockings. I let out a soft moan of excitement, which is heard by Chief Ballbusting Officer Melody! She races to her nightstand and pulls out a small pistol. "Who's there?" She yells as she walks slowly about the room. She creeps over to the closet and opens the door to expose me. "Who are you? What are you doing in my closet?” Chief Ballbusting Officer Melody yells at me. "Answer me or I will shoot you!" "I'm sorry," I plead, "I didn't mean to scare you. Please let me go." "No Way!" Chief Ballbusting Officer Melody yells. "I know you! You are my neighbor, aren't you?" "Yes", I reply softly. "What are doing in my closet?" "Nothing", I lie. "Do you like sneaking into girl’s houses to watch them undress?" She accuses me and I say nothing. "Well do you? Are you a peeping tom?" "I think you're very beautiful and I just wanted to see you,” I reply. "Shut Up! So you like to sneak into beautiful girl's houses and watch them undress? Take off your clothes!" "No, please", I bargain, "Please let me go. I am sorry." "No Way! Take off your clothes or I shoot you!" Chief Ballbusting Officer Melody screams. What choice do I have? I remove my shoes, shirt and pants but leave on my underwear. "Take off you underpants too!" Chief Ballbusting Officer Melody yells at me. "No, please don't make me..." but before I could finish Chief Ballbusting Officer Melody rams her knee between my legs. The pain makes me double over. "Now asshole! Take off your underpants!" I follow her orders. "I'm going to teach you a lesson." Chief Ballbusting Officer Melody's bed has a canopy. She takes me to her bed and ties my hands to the top of the canopy with some old hose. She does the same to my legs with the bed posts. My body is now in an upright "X" position. I am now helpless as Chief Ballbusting Officer Melody starts to land knee after knee into my balls. She berates me with questions like, “How do you like that? How do your balls feel? Now you can't have kids!" She starts to land kicks like laser beams each time I stop writhing from the pain. "Please stop!" I beg. "Shut up!" Yells Chief Ballbusting Officer Melody and she ties a sock around my mouth. Now Chief Ballbusting Officer Melody puts her mouth to my ear begins to squeeze my balls while whispering to me, "So I don't think you'll be doing this again, will you? I hope this has taught you not to spy on girls! Because if you do this again I will rip off your balls" and with that she squeezes my balls as hard as she can and simultaneously pulls and twists my balls. The End.


ok so i was at my friends house and her name is ashley well we made a bet if she could get me down she got to kick me in the she took me down so i had to let her kick me in the balls 10 times and all of them was stomps. she picked up my ankles and she called it the nutbreaker.everytime was harder then the last.on the last one she stomp so hard and grinder her feet on my balls

The maid

I once had an encounter with my maid. She was alone at home and I came back from play. I went to the kitchen to have a glass of water as I was really exhausted. To my misfortune, my maid was dressing herself there. I saw her undressed. All I could do was smile and be lost in her nakedness. Soon, I escaped from the scene upstairs to my room. Few minutes later she came upstairs, with her friend who did our gardens. I was reading a book. They came near me and began to yell, accusing me of peeping while my maid dressed. I pleaded them not to humiliate me and asked them to talk softly. They smelled of my fear of somebody else knowing it. They said that I must be punished and we could forget it. I agreed to any sort of punishment. Followingly, they blindfolded me and tied my hands behind so that I could not use them. Then they stripped me off my clothes, to which I resisted and I got slapped. Then they stripped me off my clothes. They then kicked my balls hard which I could not bear. Both the girls kicked me punched me. My eyes were blindfolded and I could not see and my hands tied and I was helpless. They punched on my balls. They literally bruissed me. Hit me till I fell. After I fell on the floor they kicked my face, my balls jumped on my stomach. They then untied me. removed my blindfold. They then told me that if they have to forget about the incident I must help them financially. Followingly they emptied my wallet. My maid's friend wasnt so happy with me. She said that she never wanted to forget aout the incident and wanted me as her plaything. So she took my digicam and shot pics of me nude and me kissing her foot. Worst was to lick the soles of her garden shoes.

Poker game

I had invited the guys over for a night of poker. To impress the guys, I was bossing my wife around like she was a slave. She was furious! She grabbed me out of the chair and kneed me right in the balls!! Without question, i fell to the ground with extreme pain, and i thought it was over. I have never been so wrong in my life. I was helpless as she continously kicked, punched, and grabbed my balls while yelling "You have no respect for women!! I will teach you!!" I tried to stop her, but she wouldnt! I begged and pleaded but it just made things worse! This went on for what seemed forever. My poor manhood has never been the same.

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