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Ballbust videos - Tamakeri - Groin kick - Caught on tape in real life situations ! This is how women do when they fight !

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Submited ballbusting stories / scenario

Last update : 07/25/2013
Total length : 20h15
Groin injuries : 57
Deaths : 1
Successful exorcisms : 17
Movies available : 125

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hidden in the apartment

A guy is hiding in a hot woman's apartment. He is watching her sitting on the couch. She is wearing sexy evening dress and strappy high heels. She is waiting for her date to come to go out for dinner. however she notices him hiding in the apartment. She quickly runs over to him. she starts kicking him. he falls to the floor. She rips off his pants and starts kicking his naked balls hard. he cries and begs her to stop but she keeps going.....

Foot slam between my legs

When I was in 4th grade I used to pick on this girl, called her some names. One day we were in the hall way and I called her a name and the next thing I knew I looked down and saw a foot slam between my legs. It killed. Its weird because it hurts at first but 10 seconds later the pain increases even more. I never picked on her again and have always been paranoid about getting kicked, really paranoid.

The ballbusting nurse

a man tries to feel on a nurse\'s boobs as she is checking him but then she knees him in the nuts the guy falls to the ground calling her a bitch then the nurse goes crazy and she starts screaming at him whlie shes bendind down grabbing and squezzing his nuts then she pulls him onto the doctors bed and just starts to beat the hella out of his balls while hes pleading her to stop then to finish him off she climbs on top of him 69 style and bites his balls

Girls can't play football

there's some boys playing football. one girl saw it and want to joined them. but the one boy say "girl,can't play football" that girl was angry and said :"i will play with your balls" "what do you mean, yeah i want to play with you too, after this match. After the match, the boy changed his clothes into polo shirt and blue jeans. After that the boy met the girl and said "what do you want, you just a weak women" "yes, but you has 2 weak balls" she said. she kick the ball into his groin "awww" the boy was so hurt "i will play with your balls" said the girl. She kick his groin multiple times. she squeezee his balls very hard "i'm sorry... stop it!!" the girl picked the ball and kicked it into his groin again. she kick his groin too. "i think i can play with your balls" the girl went out, and the boy still got hurt

He pinched her nipple so she kicked his balls

The bad guy tried to steal the sexy girl's purse. He punched her in the boobs so she went crying to the ground. He slowly walked away into the forest. But then 10 minutes later when she stood up she ran after him and kicked him in the balls from behind. Then kicked him again and again. He got up and he kneed her in the boobs at exactly the same time that she kneed him in the balls. They both fell to the ground and the girl had to cry. They were both sorry. They appologized and hugged each other. It was a squeeze hug so the girl got hurt a bit. Next time I saw them was when he pinched her nipple so she kicked his balls.

ballbusting gendarmes

it would be so cool to see 2 or 3 of your girls, dressed sexy and classy,maybe one mature,they are late for a concert, and stopped by 2 french "gendarmes" in uniforms, they decided to punish them and to insult them frankly !

My husband, my private servant

wife and her boyfriend come home. they laugh and kiss eachother. by enter the home the wife order to the hisband to get some wine. she wants to have a nice evening with her boyfriend. the husband dislike this situation and tells to his wife that he is the husband and not this young guy. the wife get angry and shout to the husand "i don what i want and you have a little thing in your trousers!!". the husband do not follow the order of the wife. she get angry and beginn to shout and kick at him. he agree after some kick to bring some wine in the living room....where in the meantime the wife touch the balls of the young guy. she tell to his husband by showing on the young guy balls"look bastard these are balls." the husband get angry and want to fight with the young guy. the wife then stand up and begin the ballbusting of the husband. she slap-kick-shout...take off her shoes and slap them on the face of the husband. she make multiple kicks on his little "dig". after a while the husband is exhaust...he is on the floor. the wife take off their pantyhose and bend the hands of the husband toghter. she say to him " now you will loom how i make a good handjob to this young guy"

The servant strike back

the day after the wife come home with his friend (a very nice and stylish woman). the wife order the husband to bring tee and biscuits. after the wife shout several time the husband come to the living room. he is surprised by seeing a nice upskirt view and some danglig of the wife's friend. he stares during serving tee the whole time at her. the wife and her friedn see this. they get angry. she order him to take off the rousers in order to see if his dig is stiff or not. she said "you don't have to look at us. this is an order. if you will get a hard dig, we will have the proove that you have look to our feet or legs. you understand". the husband now have to serve full naked and do not have permission to look at them. after a while he gaze through the keyhole of the kitchen door. the wife notice this and now the ballbusting beginn. the two girl get very angry and agressive. they tell him "we will show how to threat a woman" they kick on naked flesh until the husband excuse himself and so the girl order him to clean up their shoes very well. they smoke and talk during this action. at the end the wife stand up and tells him "you think we are stupid and let you go like this." she laughs and prompt a deady kick in the nuts....he is destroyed

the revenge of the mother

the daughter is coming home and tell to his mother that a man has touch her during work. the mother so goes to the workplace and act as if she would want sex with the director. the director beginns to undress himself. a soon as the director is naked the mother open the door and the daughter get also in the room. the revenge beginns. the kick him on naked flesh....the stomp on his dick with shoes and withour shoes. the director now is delivered like a pig before getting chopped. they laugh and the end they go to toilet and put his head in the toilet...." so little pig have a nice drink!"

the daughter's deadly kicks

follow up from "interruption morning routine" the young guy goes to the "daughter's" room. she is still sleeping (full naked). he sees a pantyhose and the shoes she used the day before. he begins to sniff at the pantyhose and shoes. the girl slowly open their eyes from the deep sleep and what she sees don't like her very much. she can't believe that. she suddenly stand up and slap and kick at the poor guy. she shout at him like crazy !!! she is realy furious. she said: you do not have permission to touch at my thing! i will tell it to my mother! so she goes full naked to the mothers room. both afterwards enter the room where the guy still sniff at the pantyhose. the mother decides to take him to the bathroom where the all used and smelly clothes are ready to be washed. she orders him to clean them with his mouth and clean the shoes with the tongue. he beginns and do not a good job. the two women now are upset and exremely nervous. they want to castrate thsi guy forever. the become really mad and shout like crazy to him. they humiliate the guy. the daughter take the guy from behind and the mother kicks him in front direcly in the balls......after a while they tell him to take off the trousers. they need to see if their job was done....job done they said. "go home bastard, you will never touch at others clothes again will see xour dick will never get stiff again.

Ballbusted playboy

There's a handsome playboy who dating with her girlfriends. but in the way they met another his girlfriends. both of his girlfriends kick the boy in the groin. double kicikng and double squezze to his balls. they punch his balls very hard. they put off his poloshirt and pants.they kicked the groin of this naked boy. and they walk up...

Interuption at morning routine

An older woman is getting ready for work. she put on bra..pantyhose...high heels...and suddenly she see the boyfriend of her daughter watch at her behind the slighly opened door.she get very angry and order the guy to show his dick. she wants to know what he was doing. she see the stiff thing and beginn to garb,slap, kick at this hard dick. she get furious. the young man is destroyed and she tells hm "so now my daughter is save from you"

Four ballbusting girls

there's 4 guys in the street. they looking for 4 girls that walking on the street. the boys hold the girl's butt.the girls getting angry. there's a fighting 1 women to men. the firts man has kicked in his balls multiple times by the first girl the second girl grab and squezze the second man's balls, ver hard the third girl kick his groin with her knee 5 times. and the man is falling down. but she still kick his balls the last girl kick the last man's ball from behind. and squezze his balls. and the girls win.the men's feel very painfull.

Ballbusting mother and daughter

mother and daughter became visit from sales agent of insurance. the man star the whole time on their legs , shoes and the two girl order him to clean their shoes with tongue and then they get angry because he was not clean the shoes very well. they start kick him and slap him. they over the trousers of the man and kick him on naked flesh...

Grab and squeeze

There's two guys hunting for a girls. one guy grab and squezze her boops. But the girl grabs and squezze his balls too. the guy is painfull and the another guy want to help his friend but the girl was kicking into his groin. Both of them runing away, but the the zipper's of the first guy caught in his pennig. Aww !

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